06 Sep 2012

The Camp of Grace in Lutsao, Taiwan

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Dear CTPC family,

With greatest appreciation, the VGM team would like to express our gratitude for your prayers and financial support. This was the first time our church has ever sent a short term missions team overseas. Without you being a part of it, we would not have made it. So, thank you!

On July 21, 2012, we headed to Lutsao, Chiayi County, Taiwan to kick start our 8-day mission camp. Lutsao is an agriculturally based township, with most of the residents being farmers. Folk religion is very apparent and the township still holds to traditional values and conservative views. Most of the families are underprivileged. Many kids are brought up by their grandparents, are raised in a single parent home, or have foreign mothers. There is brokenness within many of the villagers. Lutsao Gospel Center was established a little less than two years ago in order to reach out to these souls. With the blessings from CTPC, together with 19 other brothers and sisters in Christ from Taiwan, we were ready to serve the people who we would meet there.

The six of us, Grace, Jean, Peter, Teresa, Terrence and Victoria, faced many challenges since the formation of the team. Not only was God working, the principalities were also doing their work.

Since Grace and Peter were already in Taiwan, preparation was extra difficult with everyone living in different time zones. We could barely find enough time to meet up and rehearse for the many skits and tasks we were responsible for. A team member almost couldn’t join due to personal issues. Grace had a bone fracture in the left part of her chest a few weeks before the camp. She also found out that her Thalassemia (blood disorder) had become life threatening and without a proper bone marrow transplant, her life would drastically be cut short. Terrence was robbed at gun point the night prior to his departure. Victoria had not been feeling well weeks leading into the camp. These were merely the pre-camp challenges.

While at camp, since Teresa could not converse in Mandarin, the language barrier caused much frustration and the kids in her class did not interact with her much. The intense schedule wore Victoria off and her physical condition grew worse as the days went on. She was in great pain and it was almost unbearable to watch her suffer. Grace had a fever one day before the camp ended, and she had to constantly face a worried mother who preferred that she would withdraw from the camp.

But, thanks be to God. His grace is sufficient for us. Just like our camp coordinator said, we were indeed a “Camp of Grace”. There were so many things that were out of our control, but He was the one who had it under His control. The weak had enough energy to pull through everyday because God woke them up, the frustrated were comforted after seeing the kids changed, and we were reminded again and again of His power and love through working with our Taiwanese co-workers. Most importantly, we were so glad to witness the power of the Gospel touching and transforming our kids from day one. They could feel God’s love through us because we made the trip all the way to Lutsao to tell them how Jesus is their best friend.

With that, please continue to pray for the kids and their family we came in touch with at Lutsao. May God be their comfort and foundation. May the seeds we spread sprout and reach out to more sheep that await His salvation.

Psalm 105:1 ” Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”

With gratitude,
2012 CTPC VGM Team

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