27 Aug 2012

Many Thanks to the Liu Family

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After a decade of faithful service, God has called both our church and Rev. Kenneth Liu and family to our next seasons in life. Ten years ago, CTPC was mostly a church of Taiwanese immigrants, growing and changing and wondering how best to serve their Taiwanese-American children who were growing with English as their first language. Pastor Ken was brought on and, though we’ve faced challenges in being a multi-generational, small, ethic church, in that time we’ve grown in size and in faith. From focusing primarily on youth ministry, CTPC began to attract working young adults and new families, and the original youth grew up to return and serve after college. Pastor Ken and his family has been our pastor, our friend, our family, and much more. While we’re sad to have them leave us and miss them already, we’re excited to see what God has in store for his family in Boston, and for our congregation here. We know that He has good things planned for us, and that, with Christ as our shepherd, we will continue to mature in faith and to serve each other and our communities.

Thank you, Ken and Monique, for being so faithful to God’s calling on your lives, then and now, and for serving CTPC lovingly and humbly for the past 10 years.

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