23 Jul 2012

Christine’s testimony

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[photo credit: Christine Shiau]

Greetings, family and friends!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. It was such an encouragement partnering with you, as it blessed me a great deal witnessing the body of Christ come together for one purpose–the expansion of His Kingdom.

I had an amazing time on the mission field of Ethiopia. So many wonderful things happened, however because it would take multiple pages to write about, I’ll just share a few highlights. Not only did I get the great privilege to minister to the people there, but I sincerely believe I learned and received so much more than what I offered.

On the mission field, my eyes were opened to see that God’s creations are truly beautiful. Not only were the landscape and scenery in Ethiopia so awe inspiring as the mountains were so grand and majestic and the stars at night were so numerous and shined brilliantly, but it was lavishly revealed to me through the people of Ethiopia that God’s people, His image-bearers, are truly one of a kind.

The Ethiopian church leaders who our team interacted with were so willing to serve us despite their monetary poverty. Ethiopia is one of the poorest nations in the world, yet they sacrificed so much of their time and resources to minister to us. Just one of the many ways they served our mission team was that they would feed us copious amounts of food that would take them several hours each day to prepare.

Furthermore, the Ethiopians are so pure in heart. I recall one of the days there, our team split into smaller groups to do house-to-house evangelism with translators. After 10-20 minutes of talking to some of the natives, they would come to faith! A couple of them even told us to take their tobacco pots that were said to be their idols so that we could destroy them! I have never seen such quick and earnest acceptances of Christ in the U.S….I was truly blessed by their purity.

The breathtaking landscape, scenery, and wonderful people were made all the more beautiful as I was reminded that they all pointed to something far greater and unparalleled in their beauty and worth—their Creator. The Ethiopians’ costly services reminded me of Christ’s costly sacrifice on the cross. Their costly sacrifices were reminders and encouragements for me to keep fighting the good fight and display faithfulness in the midst of difficult circumstances (I don’t know if you read my e-mail I sent out earlier this summer, but I shared how I was experiencing hardships). I was constantly reminded that we are serving a God who sacrificed and suffered so much more than we ever will for us.

I am forever grateful for my time in Ethiopia as I feel that I’ve learned so much, and sincerely believe I’ve gained more of Christ through this opportunity. He’s truly beautiful, and I am so thankful that I got to experience more of Him. Philippians 3:8 states, “

Please pray for the following:

  • Some church leaders I talked to have expressed that Ethiopians need a deeper understanding of the Word. I see that Ethiopians have so much love and purity, but need a solid foundation of what the Bible says.
  • One of the leaders in Ethiopia expressed his concern for the youth. He says that they are growing more accustomed to a Postmodern culture, one in which they are living lifestyles distinct from the Word. He expressed a deep need for spiritual revival among the youth of Ethiopia.
  • Even though this mission trip is over, our partnership in His Kingdom does not end. Don’t hesitate to update me on anything you would like help with and/or any prayer requests you may have, as I would love to help! Praise Him for He is worthy! There is no other god like ours!

Christine Shiau


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