05 Dec 2011

Waiting knowing God is working

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For Christians and non-Christians alike, the suffering and hardships of this life poses a problem when it comes to God. Is he indifferent? Why isn’t he involved? Why isn’t God working in and around me?

This past sermon attempts to answer these questions by showing us that indeed God is working from the beginning to the end and using all things in between for our greatest good and for God’s greatest glory.

Take time to listen, reflect personally, and reflect together (with spouse, family, and friends).

  • When or what situations typically cause you to wonder if God is working?
  • When you think of your “greatest good”, what comes to mind? How does it compare with God’s definition of good in v.29?
  • How has God used “all things” to bring you to Jesus? How has God used “all things” to make you more like Jesus?
  • What may God being doing now in your life to make you more like Jesus? What are ways you need to cooperate with God in his redemptive work in your life?
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