05 Dec 2011

Here are some testimonials from the Relationships Seminar. Let’s keep processing what we’ve learned and apply it in our relationships!

“This relationship conference is by far one of the most dynamic and educational experience I have seen at any of the churches and Christian groups. Both Sam and Alice have in depth understanding of the bible and was able to apply the principles to our everyday life. I was very glad that Sam and Alice took the time to come to our church to share their experience and knowledge with us. I thought it was great for our young people at our church to participate in this event and hear their advice first hand.”

“We’re blessed to have a local resource like Pastor Sam and Alice to coach us with many touchy but realistic issues we’re facing in our day-to-day life.  It’s my prayer that through their ministry our church can grow into maturity in establishing healthy relationships within the body of Christ – fundamentally these would be built on healthy relationships with the opposite sex, across generations, either before marriage, inside, or outside marriage.  I’m grateful that I have this wonderful opportunity to take advantage of the seminar, be reminded and rectified.   God greatly bless their ministry and the people they serve!”

“Thank you pouring so generously and lovingly into our community this weekend.  The Lord is using you beautifully as a couple to minister to the needs found in different walks of life.  I appreciate your vulnerability in sharing your personal story, and how you guys continue to walk in the Lord’s grace and desire to see communities of people transformed by that same grace.  We look forward to partnering with you more and pray that the Lord continues to empower your ministry with His Spirit.”

“Thanks Sam and Alice! What a blessing! God really moves through you both as a dynamic duo.  Coming from a background in liberal arts, I loved the theory. There were some messages that were incredibly timely and challenging and I think that God will only use this as a catalyst for continual growth.”

“Wow, thanks so much for sharing what the Lord has taught you.  The teachings really hit home for me and my husband regarding marriage, specifically the leaving and cleaving aspect.  Thanks for sharing about your experiences.  It helps remind me that when we bring things into the light, we begin the process of healing, as promised by His Word.”

“Wonderful job! Very insightful. Thanks for your biblical wisdom and frank sharing. Our church has benefitted from your contributions.”

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