28 Nov 2011

Waiting with Hope and Help

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Waiting is not a normative thing in our culture. We want our food fast, our internets faster, and everything else to be quick and efficient. Living in such a culture has a way of affecting the way we see God. We expect God to act fast and quick, but in reality we feel like God isn’t keeping up with us. The reality is that much of life is about waiting, longing, and groaning. That’s what the Advent season is about. It’s looking at the sin and injustices in our world and longing for something better. It’s looking at our own sin and owning up to it and groaning for the day we can be completely free from our entanglements.

But thankfully, the waiting and groaning is not indefinite. Rather, we can wait and groan with hope and help from the Spirit. Listen to the sermon and reflect:

  1. What do you typically do to distract yourself from the grind and pain of daily life? What was the outcome?
  2. What do you do place your expectations on and what do you do when they are not met?
  3. What things have you trusted in as the hope of your heart rather than Jesus who can meet every need?
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