21 Nov 2011

Relationships Seminar Messages

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Praise God for the amazing weekend with Pastor Sam and Alice Kim. If you missed it, here are all the messages. Please take time to offer your reflections and feedback. Also, check out the conference website for more resources.


Friday Night

Friendship and Dating in the Family of God

0:00 – Introduction

3:26 – How Sam and Alice met

15:00 – What makes a friendship and/or dating relationship distinctively Christian?

35:47 The 4 Marks of a Healthy Relationships

1:09:55 Healthy Attitude to Look for in a Spouse … And to assess yourself.

1:43:33 Q and A

Saturday Morning

Naked and Unashamed: Oneness in Marriage

0:00 – Unveiling the Mystery of Marriage: Biblical Reflections

24:50 – Breaking the Silence of Shame

1:01:19 – Creating a Family Culture of Nakedness and Grace

Question and Answer

0:00 – Is reconciliation always possible?

5:19 – Can you be reconciled to a non-Christian (spouse)?

9:32 – How do you know if a spouse has left their parents emotionally before or during marriage?

Courageous Parenting

0:00 – Uncovering Common Fears that Consume Our Parenting

11:12 – The Parental Role in their Child’s Emotional Life: What children really want

32:40 – Raising kids to live for eternity

Question and Answer

0:00 – How do you reconcile different parenting styles, philosophies, and methods between a married couple?

Sunday Morning

The Witness of Fellowship


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