15 May 2011

Colombia Missions Trip Debrief

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Thank you again for your financial support of my mission trip to Colombia. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to go to Pereira this past spring break and pray and share the gospel there. It was blessed and blessing work, but what I am most thankful for is just being able to walk the path where I felt God was leading me. Your contribution allowed me to do that; thank you.

There are so many things about Colombia that I could tell you about and so many stories that testify to how awesome God is. But I’ll stick to three things –

One thing that struck me was how planned and purposed the week was. God’s deep concern for making His glory known on earth today, in 2011, was so evident as I witnessed how paths intertwined in such purposeful ways. We were just a little college team giving one measly week, but God had plans for our little week. The church we worked with was a persevering church; steadfast in their love despite long years and trouble. God used us to minister to them while using them to minister to us! As for the students, every opportunity we got to pray individually with someone was a blatant display of God’s leading. Every day when the team debriefed, at least one person would share about an opportunity for deep ministry they’d had and we would praise God – because those moments, which were the most powerful, were nothing we could have planned. And now, at Virginia Tech, if I give Him the next 10 steps I take, how will He use those for His glory? If I can be just one set of feet, walking out His will, what could happen here at Virginia Tech?

My hands-down, no-competition highlight of the trip was praying with a little girl to receive Jesus into her heart. Nothing else comes close to that short, beautiful moment. I have no idea where her life is headed, but I do know God is powerful, faithful, and good. Being part of His plans for her life and sharing in one of the ways He has been and will continue to seek out her heart was stunning. She was created with such deep beauty that is a reflection of His, and to be a messenger of His love to her for just a little while leaves me without words.

Seeing someone accept Jesus was one of the specific things I prayed for before the trip. He answered that prayer and so many others. The power of prayer is something that I am still working out, but though the intellectual details are fuzzy, He has been affirming the truth of its value to me for a long time. We spent every moment of free time in prayer. On the bus between schools we would pray for the school we left and for the school we were going to. If we weren’t giving the testimony, we were praying during the testimony. If the students would pray with us, we would pray. At night after every day we would pray. Because salvation is impossible work without God. We prayed for salvation in every school; for God to reveal Himself to the students seated right in front of us. And here at Tech, what keeps me from praying for salvation today?

Again, I thank you for your contribution to my trip. No, I don’t have to go to Colombia to find God, but wherever He calls is the only place I want to be. Thank you for helping me go where I felt God calling.

Glory to God –
God bless you and keep you,

Christina Ko

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