21 Nov 2010

Gratitude vs. Greed

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With the Christmas season around the corner, it’s easy to be a poor steward of your time and money as you get pulled in a thousand directions. Here’s an excellent graph by Jamie Munson (via Resurgence) that describes the difference between a life of gratitude and a life of greed. Here’s an excerpt:

[quote]The totality of God’s gifts is much more than we deserve. Though many Christians would nod their heads in agreement, few live as though it were actually true. Rather than gratitude for God’s grace we exhibit greed for our own gain. The difference between these two outlooks influences and directs every aspect of life:[/quote]

Here’s the graph:


AttitudeHumility (Phil. 2:3)Grumbling (Phil. 2:15)
PerspectiveGrace: “I am a sinner who deserves death but Jesus paid the price andgave me his perfect righteousness.”Entitlement: “I am a good person who deserves heaven—plus a comfortable, pain-free existence in the meantime.”
DesireJesus is enough to satisfy my life.Jesus is not enough. I want wealth / fame / comfort / power as well.
MoneyGod gives. Therefore my money is his, and I use it to glorify him.I earn. Therefore my money is mine, and I use it however I please.
PossessionsContentment: I have enoughCovetous: I never have enough
ChurchServe as a member of God’s familyBe served as a consumer
JobWork heartily for the Lord; cultivating thanks for God’s provision (Deut. 8:17; Col. 3:23)Work begrudgingly for the man; becoming bitter and jealous against others (James 3:16)
FamilyA blessing to embraceA burden to escape
FutureEternal: optimistic/hopeful (2 Cor. 4:7–9)Temporal: pessimistic/anxious
WorshipTime, energy, and resources go to GodTime, energy, and resources go to me
IdentityJesus and his achievementMy abilities and my achievements
GivingGenerousGuilt- or gain-motivated (or non-existent)

Which column most accurately describes your life? In which areas are you encouraged? Where do you need to repent and seek forgiveness? Your church, your small group, and your family are following your example, for good or ill.

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