19 Jul 2010

An outline to consider

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Before I share my attempt to articulate the gospel without using Christianese, here’s an outline by John Chapman that can help frame your thoughts.

1. God

This is God’s world, he made it. God made Jesus ruler of his world, through his rising from the dead. Jesus has the right to control and run our lives.

2. People

Everyone has rebelled against Jesus’ right to run his/her life. Some in open hostility, others in passive apathy – it is real just the same.

3. God

God calls on us to stop rebelling and submit to Jesus.

4. What if a person won’t?

If a person won’t submit to Jesus, in the end that person will be overthrown. Jesus really is in charge of God’s world.

5. What if a person does?

If a person stops rebelling and submits to Jesus he is treated as if he had never rebelled.

As you look look at this outline, what are it’s strengths? Weaknesses? How can you personalize this? What language can you use that your friends would understand? Give it a shot!  I’ll share mind later this week once I tweak it a little more…

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