15 Mar 2010

Growth Group Q and A

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What’s a growth group?

A growth group is a group of three that is committed to growing together in Christ.

How do Growth Groups work?

  • Growth groups meet once a week for approximately one hour (can take place anywhere provided that you can take time to pray)
  • Growth Groups are groups of two or three (adding a fourth person in the beginning of the second group, and multiplication is imminent)
  • Growth Groups are not mixed gender.
  • There is no curriculum, workbook, or training involved.
  • There is no leader needed in the group.
  • Only three tasks are to be accomplished:
  1. Sin is confessed to one another in mutual accountability (sample questions are available and can be adapted to your needs)
  2. Scripture is read repetitively, in context, and in community (20-25 chapters per week with the emphasis being on communion with God vs. knowledge)
  3. Souls are prayed for strategically, specifically, and continuously

How does this fit within our vision and mission?

Our vision is to be a community of disciples that point people to Jesus. Our mission to enjoying God, experiencing community, and engaging the world. Growth groups are a tangible way we can express our vision and mission.

How does this fit within our houseplants launching into different regions?

Growth groups would be the starting point and building blocks of any future houseplant launch. It is much easier to launch groups of 2-3 than groups of 10-12. When we have 3 to 4 growth groups in a particular region, we will launch a group in that particular area.

How will future houseplants be different than growth groups?

Houseplants will be network of growth groups that seek to tangibly love and serve their particular circle of relationships which may include family, neighbors, coworkers, etc. Houseplants will focus on creating opportunities to build connections between each growth group as well as your targeted oikos through hospitality, service, community, and outreach. Each houseplant determines what their particular focus will be.

What’s the timetable for launching?

Growth groups can be started right away as soon as you find a group of three. As we intentionally pray for people, the hope is that our growth groups will start to multiply in God’s time. Whenever there are at least four groups in a particular region, we will launch a houseplant.

If you are interested in join one, contact Pastor Ken

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