05 Mar 2010

Update from Wayne and Gail

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Wayne and Gail are missionaries that we support. Here’s their latest update:

Dear Friends and Family,

This past weekend marks the first month of our ministry here in Biem. We cannot believe the time has gone by so fast. Since the last time we sent out an update, quite a few things have happened. Here’s a quick recap…

  • A lightning storm where hundreds of strikes kept us up all night. The older Biem folks said it was just like the 2nd World War where bombs were dropped along the mainland coast.
  • Wayne helped killed a 2.5 feet long lizard…skinned, cooked and “enjoyed” it…
  • The earthquake in Chile triggered a tsunami warning here on the island (canceled soon afterward).
  • A few trips to the bush and a fishing trip which gave us great insights to the Biem culture and lifestyle.

Gail and I have started helping out with little medical services…patching up sores and treating colds and fevers. We are again reminded of Jesus’ ministry of physical healing which serves as a symbol for the ultimate spiritual healing made possible by Christ’s death and resurrection. While our language is still too limited to communicate the gospel effectively, we pray that the little things we do for the people would add credibility to the Message we will present one day.

We will be traveling back to Wewak next week for the annual regional conference. After the conference, we will be doing some preparation for our house building project this summer (purchases, finalize housing plan, etc.). The weather and the sea are still quite unpredictable so could you please pray for calm sea when we travel next week?

Language learning is coming along. We are still negativing on word-level communicate while learning a lot of practical expressions. Doing language drills and processing language data can be dull at times but would you pray for clarity of mind and perseverance as we continue to learn the language?

We got an email yesterday that Wayne’s mom was suffering from some serious back/spinal pains (went to the ER three times last weekend). By the time we were able to call on satellite phone, she was already out of a 2-hour surgery. It really hits home just how far we are from our families in times like this. Many people have commented on our “sacrifice” of moving to Papua New Guinea (and we will say a hundred times over that it is no sacrifice but gain….) but the real sacrifices are made by our family members, especially our aging parents who had to say goodbye to their children and grandchildren. We would not be able to be here on Biem without families and friends making various sacrifices to support us. Thank you again for being part of the team.

In His Lamb,
Wayne, Gail, Abby and Kala

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