09 Nov 2009

Who are you?

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In Youth Group, we will be exploring the theme of “identity”. Tim Keller shows us why identity matters:

“Identity is a complex set of layers, for we are many things. Our occupation, ethnic identity, etc., are part of who we are. But we assign different values to these components and thus Christian maturing is a process in which the most fundamental layer of our identity becomes our self-understanding as a new creature in Christ along with all our privileges in him.”

We will explore the identities that makes us who we are and enter into that process of seeing how our identity in Christ shapes us and changes us. Here’s a sampling of what we may cover:

cause identity – “I’m green”

ethnic identity – “I’m Taiwanese”

political identity – “I’m democrat, republican, DDP, etc.”

generational identity – “I’m 2nd generation, gen X, millenial”

material identity – “My car is who I am”

occupation identity – “I am a systems engineer”

gender identity – “I am a woman, hear me roar”

sexual identity – “I’m hetero, homo, bi sexual”

family identity – “I’m from the Coreleone family”

sports identity – “I’m a Redskin…”

school identity – “I go to TJ”

student identity – “I’m in college”

married identity – “I’m married”

parents identity – “I’m a mom”

regional identity – “I’m a New Yorker”

online identity – “I’m kungfuliu98”

Anything else? What makes you, you? Join us on Friday!

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