22 Sep 2009

Meet Gail and Wayne Chen

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Last summer,  Wayne and Gail Chen visited our church a little more than a year ago to share about their calling to be missionaries to Papua New Guniea. Wayne gave us a stirring challenge to us as a congregation to take seriously the cause of the Great Commission. They are currently starting their lives as full time missionaries in the PNG. They have blogs both in english and chinese so feel free to check in and see what God is doing through them. They are missionaries that our church supports so please keep them in your prayers. Here is the latest update from Wayne:

Things are definitely kicking into another gear here in PNG.  Many of you have been praying for language helpers for Wayne…and guess what?  He almost has “too many” helpers than he could handle.  Many people in the neighborhood have extended their time and patience as we continue to learn this new language.  Please know that with your prayers, you are impacting missions here in PNG!
We received our first language evaluation last week.  There are four levels of fluency and after five weeks, we are pegged at level two.  We have been learning Pidgin on a world and sentence level…now we are moving onto shorter text discourse and conversations.  We were really encouraged by our first language evaluation…thank you guys so all your prayers.
We are going into the bush! As part of our orientation, we will be asked to live in a tribal location for two months.  We’ll be moving into the bush in early October and be back out here in Wewak before Christmas.  The goal of “bush orientation” is to familiarize ourselves with living in a tribal setting and adjusting to isolation.  We will be going into a tribal location where NTM is currently working in.  There will be tribal believers there already so we are excited about spending some time with brothers and sisters in Christ!  We will be able to observe other missionaries in discipling young tribal churches as well as practicing our pidgin in the bush.  Please start praying for our time in the bush…that we will be an encouragement to the tribal believers.  We also believe that it will be a time of major adjustment and growth for our family so please pray for a deep dependency on the Lord for every decision big or small.
Things are definitely kicking into another gear for us here.  New level of language learning, bush orientation, possible house building and allocation in the future, we covet your prayers in all these areas.  It seems sometimes that there are sacrifices involved in missions…homesickness from friends and family, less than ideal living conditions, juggling between cultures and languages.  But you know what?  Several hours ago, Gail and I were sipping breakfast coffee and looking at the sunrise over the ocean horizon…our hearts were full of thanksgiving.  It is truly a privilege to serve our awesome God and to be involved in His redemptive plan to share the Good News to every nation.  We wouldn’t trade this for anything else in the world.  We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our partners in missions.  May you be encouraged in the Lord and count it as a privilege to live this day for our Risen Lord.
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