01 Aug 2009

Sharon and Martin Updates

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[Sharon and Martin are both in Ghana on a medical mission trip. Here are updates from Martin. I’ll post when I get updates from him via email.]

7/31/09 5:30 PM

Because of the other team members that couldn’t make it, we’re missing
another box of medical supplies.. please pray that God will provide us
what what we need..

Also, one of our team members, Sharon, has back pain.. it has been
pretty bad, please pray that she’ll get the rest she needs tonight and
that God will heal her back and ease the pain so she can walk normally
and be able to serve effectively.

thanks for all your support and prayers!

7/31/09 5:17 PM

Praise God we arrived safely in Accra, Ghana this morning!  and thank
God that there’s an “internet cafe” here in the hotel we are staying
so I can send out an update.  It was a long flight with some delays
but we got here safely.  Spent the afternoon today at a art/craft
market doing some shopping 😛  We will spend another day here in Accra
tomorrow (Sat) before heading out to our ministry site in the Agave
region on Sunday.

Thanks for all your prayers about the medical supplies.  The supplies
got to me in time and I was able to pack it and bring them with me.
Praise God.

It has been great getting to know the people on the team a little and
also meeting the local team here in Ghana.  The hosts here have been
very gracious and it’s been encouraging seeing their love for the Lord
and their willingness to partner with us in this ministry.

There are some more changes to the team, 3 other team members, for
various other reasons also didn’t make the trip, so our team is down 4
members.  Please pray for the team as we adjust to this change.  Pray
that God will keep us flexible.  We trust that it was in His plans
that these people couldn’t make the trip.

I’ll try to update more if I have internet access, if not, looking
forward to sharing with all of you after I get back to the states.

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