01 Jul 2009

Church: Love it, Don’t Leave it

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Kevin DeYoung (a classmate of mine in seminary, but I never knew him personally), wrote an article called, “Church: Love it, Don’t Leave it” which can be found in the On Faith section of the Washington Post:

We love the church because Christ loved the church. She is his bride–a harlot at times, but his bride nonetheless, being washed clean by the word of God (Eph. 5:25-26). If you are into Jesus, don’t rail on his bride. Jesus died for the church, so don’t be bothered by a little dying to self for the church’s sake. If you keep in mind that everyone there is a sinner (including yourself) and that Jesus Christ is the point and not you, your dreams, or your kids, your church experience might not be as lame as you fear.

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