04 May 2009

Quick thoughts on Mission

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What happens when we lose sight of our identity as Missionaries? We inevitably become ingrown. Think about an ingrown hair. Hair is supposed to grow out and be seen. But when it becomes ingrown, it grows back into itself and the skin grows over it. It’s not a pretty sight nor does it feel good. Hair is supposed to grow out, not in. Yet when the church becomes ingrown, a hard protective layer grows over it.

The focus is preserving and protecting culture and traditions rather than taking the unchanging message to our ever changing world. The focus becomes the glory of year’s past rather than focusing on what God wants to do in the here and now. For ethnic churches, their shelf life is often shorter especially when immigration patterns change. How will they not just merely survive, but thrive? We must remember that we are not only family, but simultaneously missionaries doing cross cultural mission where we are. Yes, we are family, but we are a family on mission with Jesus.

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