05 Feb 2009

Asian dads get a ‘C’ for being clueless

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I’m preaching on the subject of “Fatherhood” this Sunday based on Ephesians 6:4. During my preparation, I came across this article, “Asian dads get a “C” for being clueless” which is a study on teenagers in Asia and their thoughts concerning their dads. Here’s what they found: 

More than 3,000 teenagers aged 14 to 18 from eight places took part in the survey in January. They were asked to grade their parents in 38 questions relating to parenting, from how good they are at listening, to how much they care.

The Singapore dad got a C-. His counterparts in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and South Korea fared as badly. They also got a C-.

Even the best-performing fathers–from Thailand–got only a C.

The worst fathers are from Hong Kong and Taiwan, with D+. (emphasis mine)

On a positive note, I guess Taiwanese dads make other Asian dads look slightly better. I know it’ll be tempting to use this stat the next time you get in an argument with your dad. Just some advice: Don’t go there. Keep in mind that the study was done in Asia, so it’s hard to say what Asian American teens think. If the grades are so low as is, imagine what the grades would be when you throw in assimilation to a new country, culture, and language into the mix? The next grade down is F ++. Not good. More on this later…

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