29 Sep 2008

Angela’s blog

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Angela Pan has a new blog updating us on her condition. It’s in Chinese though, but some Abundant Lifer’s will translate once in a while. Here’s one entry:

I went to see the pathology results from the tests today, and the doctors said the Hodgkin’s lymphoma I have is the best type to treat it.
From this type, the immune system can produce fiberous tissue to surround the cancer cells, and that is why they look like in globular shape. This is the best kind of lymphoma to treat it, so this is really God’s blessings! The doctors will construct the artificial blood vessel for me tomorrow, and my first chemotherapy will be on Wednesday. I will undergo 4 chemotherapy treatments, and then the radiation therapy.
I am a little bit nervous, but also feel happy at the same time, because I will begin my treatments finally, and I will be able to recover quickly. ^___^ 

Thank you everyone for keeping on praying for me, I believe that God will heal me.

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