25 Jun 2008

img_0004.JPG heysi got a headache at the moment so you’ll all have to excuse my failure of grammar and spelling in general.day 0: as we moved in, a thunderstorm began and we quickly unpacked and talked a bit. we settled down and played cards for a while (ERS ftw)day 1: oddly enough, i wasn’t very nervous- not because i was confident in myself but that i knew i wasn’t alone. everyone seemed a little nervous but still ready to go. as we entered the building, we were warmly greeted by tina with a shout- loud enough to wake us all up. we had a little pep talk to start and then met our counselors. as registration began, i felt alright. the girls (7-9yrs old) seemed nice though definitely not to each other. let’s just say day 1 was hard for everyone. our girls seemed to have pre formed sides and were at each other from the start. my two counselors struggled to keep brawls from breaking out. finally splitting them into groups, i discovered that they were quite gentle when separated. by the end of the day though, my counselors and i (as well as everyone else) were exhausted to say the least. we debriefed and retreated to the hope center where ken thankfully already made the dinner (spaghetti). we shoveled those down, relaxed a bit, failed to get downstairs to do our assignment, and ended up ERSing for a bit then teaching everyone to play capitalism where kyle gave a bit of luck to ken. let’s leave it at that. day 2: the beginning was pretty much the same as day 1. woke up, breakfast full of sugar and healthy stuff, and a bit of prep about racism. registration went a bit smoother since the girls knew where to go and who we were. bright eyed and excited, we all scooted to the vans and set out.  the girls were definitely more obedient though i can’t say quieter. a couple objected to the lunch but mainly they cheerfully chugged down whatever it was that they got. we went off to the park where i suppressed a rising conspiracy and broke up scuffles. back to church for drinks and opening assembly then off to our field trip- movie (enchanted) at another church. well all i can say was… the girls weren’t that interested in the movie. thus chaos. thus much yelling and running and screaming and punches. i had my hands full though i suppose i can’t complain seeing as i enjoy being surrounded with my girls. anyways, finally concluding that there was no chance for the group to quietly watch the movie, we broke up into groups and played games then sent them off home. we returned to our refuge (hope center), ate dinner (made by THE kenliu), debriefed, and cards again. oh, gloria visited.oh yeah- and now i’m apparently a godmother (to one of my girls)gnite and peace,ay 

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  1. godmother in the italian sense? jk anyways
    wow, ur viewpoint sounds much more violent than dana’s
    whew! hope everyone learns to get along with each other! do you guys have the first week of camp? maybe that’s why—- maybe after 2-3 weeks or so, everyone will learn to respect each other

    yummy, noodles. i guess ken is official chef for this week? enjoy the good food before the retreat 🙂

    alice, good luck with the girls! be the peacemaker. is tina ur counselor?

    btw mom’s feeling much better and is at work.

    say hi to everyone there! cheers!

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