24 Jun 2008

Hey all,well today was a pretty good start to the week, at least for me  definitely. This year things were a little bit different: Instead of two ages per group it’s now three. Example: my group is 9-11 year-old-girls. A nice surprise for me this year is that my first day seemed much easier from the point of view of a “counselor” than last year. The girls were generally very well-behaved. I was surprised that while in line for water, they were quite silent. Maybe it was because the heat is not as unbearable as last year, or maybe they have matured more than i expected… Maybe a little bit of both. Anyway, they were very good during opening assembly.  As far as I was aware, they were awesome during our time at the park. I had a fun time pushing a 6-7 year-old boy on the swing.  Our girls’ behavior declined a little following the course of the day, closing assembly being the worst. I think that can be attributed to the fact that it’s the first day and that nearing the end of the day, kids become naturally more restless (i don’t know if that is the right word) But I love how they, the girls especially, love singing the songs and following the hand motions. Oh, haha, it was wonderful seeing Tina. she scared me this morning when I walked in the door, which was a good thing because it woke me up 😛
This year’s assignments:5-7 girls = Kolina boys = Kevin, Andy
7-9 girls = Alice  boys = Kyle 
9-11 girls = Me (Dana)
I think overall this day went pretty well.  I’d like to note an observation of mine.  Alice has definitely retained and improved upon her experience and knowledge from her visit last year. Andy seems prepared to keep at it. Kevin seems to work well with kids – I saw him smile when one of Ms. Mary’s kids was around being cute. xD Kyle definitely could be the not-afraid disciplinary person (this is a good thing; i need to work on that) Kolina has the innocence that draws young kids to her.  (And of course, Ken is the great supporting pastor that is winning at caps.)I think for me, i guess i’m good at almost always being able to smile when someone looks at me. and being willing to help out with anything. 
btw, my counselor is great. it’s her first time here, but i think she’s starting off well. I also think our group is already becoming very close on the “first night”.Please pray for all of us to get a good night’s sleep, let God use us to make a difference in the lives of these kids. Oh and that Tina is enjoying her experience as a full time counselor.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week! 

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2 Responses to LL Day 1
  1. (hi dana- though you are in the same room as me at the moment)
    i just wanted to point out that Ken was only winning with the assistance of Kyle xD
    And of course, good luck to you (Dana). Day 2 coming right up, whether you’re ready or not ^^

  2. yah! hi dana!
    i didn’t know there was a blog this year—
    it’s great everyone’s behaving well; i hate being disciplining -_-
    hope tomorrow’s just was well!

    say hi to tina for all of us at home!

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