02 Jan 2008

Dear CTPC friends, Every time I tell my testimony, God reminds me how blessed I am that He placed me in this spiritual community that fed me and nurtured me almost since I was born. I am who I am today largely because of CTPC. It allowed me to have a walk with God and provided me opportunities to be engaged in kingdom work that have shaped me profoundly.

This spring I will be taking another step of faith along my spiritual journey, and I wanted to provide you the opportunity to support me again. I will be spending three months, April – June 2008, in Liaoning, China.

The first half of this trip will be spent with LIGHT, Liaoning International General Health Trainers. LIGHT is an organization run by an American medical missionary that trains general practice physicians, operates rural clinics, and offers medical care to the elderly and orphans. I am extremely excited about the prospect of meeting Christian missionary physicians and learning how they integrate physical healing with ministering to the soul. As you know, I am applying to medical school. God has been full of grace and already granted me acceptance to one school. Spending time at LIGHT will be an important experience for me to seek and understand and God’s will, specifically if He would have me be a long-term medical missionary in China.

The second half of my trip will be spent at a small town in Liaoning teaching English at a Christian school. This school is constantly seeking and praying for English volunteer teachers like myself, and it’s an honor to be used by God to meet a need. I will be teaching grades K – 6. This is a fantastic opportunity to prepare the soil, of little hearts to be fertile ground, rather than thorny or rocky. English teachers in China have already had an incredible impact on China, as most of them are serious and committed Christians. China’s higher education system has learned to appreciate the quality of Christian teachers. They live out decent Christian lives and don’t smoke, get drunk, etc. They really care about the well-being of the Chinese people, and develop close, after-hour friendships with their students. David Aikman, former Beijing Bureau Chief of Time magazine, writes, “Almost every urban young Christian I met in China had come to the Christian faith through a foreign, English-speaking teacher.”1 Teaching English is one of the best ways to be an ambassador for Christ in China.

I know that a question on many of your minds is, “Why China? Why not Taiwan?” Let me assure you that I am completely clear on my identity—and I am 100% Taiwanese. J My primary identity, however, is as a disciple of Christ. And a number of factors have led me to believe that God might be urging me to go to China. Allow me to share just one: the impact of a Christianizing China is enormous.

Wouldn’t you like China to be more of a political democracy, more transparent and honest, and less of an international bully? Did you know that if the present rate of growth of Christianity in China continues, it is possible that within three decades, Christians will constitute 20 – 30 percent of China’s population, and if that happens, a Christian view of the world—i.e., an Augustinian sense of international responsibility (a sense of restraint, justice, and order in the wielding of state power)—will almost certainly dominate China’s political and cultural establishment?

Did you also know that the vast majority of China’s Protestant churches consider it their calling to evangelize to the Muslim world, something that most Americans are afraid to do? Many Muslim countries are closed to American missionaries, but are more receptive to the Chinese. Again, the impact of a Christianizing China is enormous.

Now that I have shared my vision behind this trip, let me share my prayer requests.

  • Safety: that I would be wise and stay out of dangerous situations.
  • Discerning God’s will: that He would reveal His plan for my future and where He could use me most effectively (as a missionary in China?)
  • Relationships: since handing out tracts and other blatant proselytizing activity is not allowed, witnessing through relationships is key. Pray that I would have relationships that are glorifying to God.

If you would like to commit to praying for me once a week from April to June, please e-mail me at the address below. Please let me know how I can be in prayer for you as well.

Would you also prayerfully consider financially supporting me? I need to raise $2800 in total. Please make checks payable to CTPC with my name in the memo line and put them in the offering bag.

For His glory,

Elaine Chang



“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

— Acts 1:8

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