06 Aug 2007

Our very first Vacation Bible School started today. After months of planning it was exciting to see all the captains and first mates suited up and ready to meet our little sea explorers. Half the kids are from our church, and the other half are kids from the community so it was nice to meet all of them. Overall, everything went very well and we could sense that most of the kids were pretty happy to be there. Please continue to pray for the kids and the staff as we journey together through the story of Jonah.
Today’s topic is “Am I Jehovah’s or Am I Jeering?”. Elaine, (a.k.a. Petera the Pearl Diver), and Jessica (a.k.a. Jonah) did a wonderful skit about the story in Jonah 1:16. There are two kinds of people in the world, those who belong to God and those who do not (those who have been brought into a right relationship with God and those who have not). Check out their skit here.

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